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Nice people can be a contractor’s worst nightmare

Everyone who reads my blogs has probably met someone in their lifetime at least once who isn’t real sincere, or someone who comes off really friendly in the beginning but end up being a nightmare.  We’ve all come across someone like this. When you are estimating, you are going to see a lot of this. The more estimating you do, the more of these people you will encounter.
It’s not a real common thing for me. I’ve been in the construction and plumbing industry for so long – I can pretty much read these people in the first minutes of our telephone conversation.  When a new customer calls beaming with enthusiasm, and being very complimentary of the work you do– they usually are not who they seem to be.
Watch out for the people who act like your best friend, like they have known you for years, but the minute you give them a price, they turn into a rage.  Try not to get caught up in this. Don’t get caught up in other people’s problems or other people’s beliefs.  I know it’s in our human nature to want to be friendly, and to love people, but you need to make a living too. If you can take one thing away from my blogs and tips, I would cement this into your brain -- You can’t afford to do stuff for free!  You can’t afford to do it for your friends for a long time and still make your house payments, or put food on the table.
Another scenario of people that act like your friends, are the ones who call and give you the impression that you already got the job.  You invest so much time and work creating an estimate. You may even go to their home on more occasion, but than you submit the estimate – and its crickets!
Whatever the psychology is behind this, don’t let it get you down. Go in there and give them a price that you’re happy with, not what they are happy with, because it’s all about making money and having a better life. It’s not just about doing favors for everyone.  A little bit a common sense can go a long way but in your pocket book it’s not going to go very far.

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RIP 'Yo! MTV Raps' Co-Creator Peter Dougherty Dies at 59

RIP 'Yo! MTV Raps' Co-Creator Peter Dougherty Dies at 59 -


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Merry Christimas

Would like to wish you and your families a wonderful Merry Christmas - Alex Figliolia jr. #MerryChristmas #NYC #NewYork

YouTube's new engineering chief talks about promise of virtual reality

YouTube's new engineering chief talks about promise of virtual reality - CNET -


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Twitter raises its follow limit to 5,000 users

Twitter raises its follow limit to 5,000 users -


Finding the best motorcycle repairman today is a gem

Finding the best motorcycle repairman today is a gem. Just like most gems, they are hard to find. But here are some things you should look for when finding a good motorcycle mechanic. Experience is key; find somebody who has knowledge of bikes. Ask around to other friends who may have a bike and can refer to a good source. Make sure your mechanic is certified. Look around on the shop walls, see if there are any mechanic certifications hanging up. It’s a lot safer to know your motorcycle is in the right hands. Professionalism is key, mechanic that keeps a promise and guarantees perfection is the right mechanic for you. Most importantly, you want somebody with a down to earth personality. You want someone who can relate to the bike on a personal level. When looking for that right mechanic shop, ask yourself, is the shop clean and organized? For a mechanic to thrive, they must be organized, and if the shop is not organized, go on to the next one. Next, check if your mechanic shop is a franchise or personally owned. If the owner is available in the shop, ask them questions pertaining about your bike. This way, you get to feel out the owner make sure they are compliant with all your concerns. Take your time and find the right mechanic, it will only benefit you in the end. You want the best service for your prized motorcycle, so take the time to find someone who loves your bike just as much as you do.  

Veteran’s day is approaching in the United States.

Veteran’s day is approaching in the United States. On November 11th, 2015, we as a nation will celebrate Veteran’s Day. Here are some interesting facts about our veterans. Veterans are people who have served in the military branches including the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force. In the year 2013, there were a total of over 40,000 veterans who had served during WWII, Vietnam and the Korean wars. November 11th is Veterans Day, which is also the same day WWI conflict officially ended. Veterans Day is a day where we pay tribute to all living and/or dead veterans and Memorial Day pays tributes to those who have lost their lives in combat. As of now, there are over 2 million female veterans in the United States.  Three US states contain the highest number of veterans, California with 1.8 million, Florida, with 1.5 million and Texas with 1.7 million veterans. Since September 11th, the unemployment rate has risen to about 6.2%, which is a drastic increase. Out of homeless population, veterans make up about 13% of that population. A majority of veterans struggle after coming back from war making it that much harder for them to translate back into society. A staggering 70% of homeless veterans suffer from substance abuse and about 50% experience mental health issues such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Lastly, a majority of veterans end up living on the streets about 9 to 10 times the length of their disposition. I hope these facts have given some perspective on our struggling veterans. Enjoy Veterans Day!        

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Twitter Shares Tank 8% Despite Q3 Earnings Beat On Lackluster User Growth

Twitter Shares Tank 8% Despite Q3 Earnings Beat On Lackluster User Growth, Weak Guidance -

- Alex Figliolia


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Contractors to Protect Their Businesses From Negative Publicity

Plumber Strongly Urges Fellow Contractors to Protect Their Businesses From Negative Publicity Following Texas Plumber Business Truck Captured In Photos With Islamic Terrorists
Alex Figliolia Jr., warns fellow contractors to remove identifying information from any equipment they intend to sell before listing it as a precaution against negative publicity.  The warning comes following news reports that a Texas plumber, Mark-1 Plumbing, sold his used truck to an auto dealership who insisted that he not remove his company information in order to preserve the paint beneath.  The plumber agreed to let the auto company remove the information but the truck was sold with the contractors information intact.  A few months later photos of Islamic extremists in Syria driving in the truck with fitted out with machine guns were posted to the internet. The plumber and his company information were clearly visible in the photographs.  The plumber began receiving calls and threats for what seemed to be his support of the militant group.

a plumber who has had his own battles with negative publicity, "With the advent of the internet and social media sites, small businesses such as father and son plumbers, electricians and contractors are always at risk for adverse publicity.  Historically, the contractors and plumbers have gotten a bad reputation- mostly because people do not understand what we do or because they call us in emergency situations when they are under stress.  Also, anything relating to the construction industry is expensive – especially in emergency situations.  So going into a job emotions and repair costs are running high.  A good contractor is one who takes the time to explain everything they can to the client; who establishes trust from the onset and who stands by his/her companies work.” 

“Contractors’ reputations are directly linked to their company name and since most equipment is mandated to be branded with the name and contact information of a plumber or contractor, it is important that the owner of the company remove all identifying information before equipment is sold,” Figliolia Jr. continues. “Like many contractors, I learned this lesson the hard way as negative articles and reviews were written about me from disgruntled employees or competitors.  Protecting your identity is especially important for father and son plumbers or contractors because they share the same name and negative articles can live on the internet indefinitely.”

For me the negative experience has prompted him to reestablish himself and to share his lessons through blogs, social media and websites geared to helping others.  As for the Texas City plumber, Mark Oberholtzer, the New York Daily News story states that he filed a lawsuit against an AutoNation dealership for 1 million dollars for failing to remove the decal identifying his company and his name as a plumber which appears prominently on the truck door in the photos.  The news story goes on to say that the dealership sold the truck to the Islamic extremist brigade, Ansar al-Deen Front, who then had the vehicle shipped to Syria. The group used the vehicle in a photo op where group members stood atop the flat bed, rifles in hand and Mark-1 plumber business information clear for the world to see. Since the photo, Mark-1 plumber has received numerous death threats and just wants it all to go away.

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Illinois Introduces Legislation To Regulate Daily Fantasy Sports

Illinois Introduces Legislation To Regulate Daily Fantasy Sports -
-Alex Figliolia


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Outlook on iOS and Android gets a facelift from the Sunrise team

Outlook on iOS and Android gets a facelift from the Sunrise team -


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Facebook Wants To BE Your Phone Number With New Message Requests

Facebook Wants To BE Your Phone Number With New Message Requests -


Keep your focus on high

Laser focused morning. Wish you all a productive day ahead. #morningmotivation


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Goldman Sachs to Spin Out Mobile-Phone Software Projects

Goldman Sachs to Spin Out Mobile-Phone Software Projects Into Separate Venture -



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Happy Birthday Chris - Alex Figliolia jr

I just want to take this opportunity to wish my dear friend Chris a big Happy Birthday. thank you for sticking by me through all these years. Look forward to seeing you tonight. #lit

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Staten Island women's volleyball team

College of Staten Island women's volleyball team drops home finale -
- Alex Figliolia jr.


Giving Tuesday

Happy #GivingTuesday everyone #SINY #HappyHolidays #NY

Quote of the day

"Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later." - Og Mandino

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Euro RX Supercar

Euro RX Supercar Final: Barcelona RX - FIA World Rallycross Championship -


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Fast Cars

Big Data In Fast Cars -- How F1 And NASCAR Compete On Analytics -


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Have a great weekend

Good morning guys. Hope you have a great weekend and stay warm.

Euro RX Supercar Final: Barcelona

Euro RX Supercar Final: Barcelona RX - FIA World Rallycross Championship -


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Chocolate Tour of New York

The Chocolate Tour of New York | Manhattan, NY 10011 | New York Tours & Excursions -


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Mets Usher for 5 Decades

A Mets Usher for 5 Decades Keeps His Eye on the Ball, and the Stands -


Giving Back - Alex Figliolia jr

Giving back to the Staten Island community is been an important part of my life. I want to thank everyone who supported me and my family in getting this far. I'm truly grateful. - Alex Figliolia jr. #NYC #thanksgiving #SI

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Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S P85D Breaks the Consumer Reports Ratings System -


Saving water and energy with thermostatic showerheads

Getting the perfect water temperature of your shower can be a tricky and sometimes unpleasant process, especially on a cold winter morning. If it’s too hot, you may scald yourself.  If it’s too cold, you’re in for an uncomfortable shock to your body. For this reason, people will often turn the faucet on and wait for the water to reach a preferred temperature. This waste of water will cause an increase in your utility bills.
Thanks to modern technology in plumbing fixtures, you can cut back some of these expenses by installing a thermostatic shower head fixture.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), estimates that 35 percent of every shower goes to waste while the bather awaits the warm rising temperature. An average shower time of 12 minutes, with 2.0 gallons of watered per minute flowing through the showerhead means that an estimated 4 gallons of water will never be used. Aside from wasting water, you are also using up the energy to heat it up, causing double inefficiency. This is just a projected average – many people will often leave the bathroom after turning on the faucet, further wasting water and utility costs.
There are several plumbing factors that affect how long it takes for your water to reach your desired temperature – the distance from your shower to your hot water heater, water pressure, and the size of your plumbing pipes can cause you to have a longer wait time.  The bigger your home, the longer it will most likely take. If you are among those who walk away after turning on your shower, you are more likely to let water run on full heat before getting in. This is where a thermostatic heat sensing showerheads come to the rescue.
Several plumbing fixture manufacturers have installed built-in shutoff valves into thermostatic shower heads. For those who get distracted and walk away from the bathroom after the shower was turned on, you don’t have to worry about wasting hot water. The built-in valve will cut off the flow of water once it reaches a warm temperature.  Though you are still wasting water by allowing it to heat, you are saving excess heat energy as well.

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On November 11th, the United States will celebrate National Veteran’s Day

On November 11th, the United States will celebrate National Veteran’s Day in remembrance of the brave souls who gave and lost their lives in war. Our freedom is due to their heroic encounters all throughout history. Alex Figliolia Jr, a philanthropist and businessman, is most dedicated in alleviating the troubles our veterans face when are introduced back into reality. A majority of the time, our veterans slide back into reality with wounds that are unforgettable and are hard for everyone else to understand. Some of these unforgettable wounds include missing, stress, depression, PTSD disorder and extremities. Since they serviced us throughout history, Alex Figliolia Jr. has obligated in raising alertness and money for our wounded veterans alongside their families by guaranteeing to match a $20,000 contribution. His contribution is implemented to assist the Wounded Warrior Project whose strict mission is to pay homage to Wounded Warriors around the country. Wounded Warrior Project has a bold goal to promote the biggest and most effective right-minded generation of wounded veterans in the history of country. Alex Figliolia Jr. is inspiring 1000 people to donate just $20 to Wounded Warrior Project from the start of Veteran’s Day, November 11th and finishes on December 11th and Alex Figliolia Jr. will match any donation. Wounded Warrior Project offers an abundance of integrated programs for veterans and their families to rehabilitate themselves and I totally free of charge. To keep these programs running smoothly, every dollar raised is saved up to fund the programs. To get on board and start donating, visit Alex Figliolia Jr.’s Wounded Warrior Project page, Alex Figliolia Jr. 20 K for Veterans Day Donation Match in Support of Wounded Veterans. Every donation is valued greatly and will have a lasting effect on our veterans.



Fire Up Your Portfolio With These High Yielding Closed End Funds - Video - TheStreet -


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The 10 Best Cities to Celebrate Halloween in America -



Bill Ackman Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine -


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What to expect from Twitter's third-quarter earnings report -



Shake Shack is quietly building a global restaurant empire -


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Goldman Sachs to Spin Out Mobile-Phone Software Projects Into Separate Venture -


Apple Earnings Live Blog -- It's All About the Holidays -


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Why Walgreens is close to spending billions to gobble up Rite-Aid -



Gilead Proves Again Why It's the Best Biotech Company on the Planet -