Friday, May 13, 2016

New Motorcyclist Safety Tips

So you think you want to be a motorcyclist? Today I’d like to cover some common mistakes that new riders will make when first begin their journey of being a biker. The first and biggest mistake new motorcyclist make is not inspecting the bike before each ride.  Readers, I cannot express to you enough how vitally important it is to inspect your motorcycle each and every time before you ride. Remember, you are not behind the safety of a 2500-pound vehicle. You are fully exposed, on an incredibly fast machine that weighs in the low hundreds.  

For your safety, first you will want to check the air tire pressure in your tires. If you look on your swing bar, it will usually show you the number the pressure should be.  Next you will want to make sure your oil levels are good. On my motorcycle there is a window on the lower part of my bike that I can easily check to see if the levels are where they should be, but every bike is different, so get familiar to where your components are.  

The next thing you want to do is to check and make sure your turn signals are working.  While you are in that area, check that your brake fluids are as they should be. You always want to check the floor for any oil leaks. If all is clear, now its time to start up your bike. You want to make sure that the operating temperature of your motorcycle is normal. When warmed up it should be about less than 200 degrees.

Now that your pre-checklist is complete its time to head onto the road. Contrary to what you may have heard, its not always best to ride full center in a lane, as that is where oil leakage from cars tends to be.  Oil slicks can mean life or death to a rider. So be sure to keep an eye out for those signs of oil and try to stay a little off center,

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