Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hillary doesn't want to remind women of Bill's indiscretions

It seems that every news channel is reporting on the Clinton video Donald Trump posted to his Instagram highlighting Bill's extra marital affairs and Hillary's efforts to destroy the women who Bill cheated on her with.

Recent polls show Trump and Clinton are in a dead heat with neither of them scoring high in the "like-ability" category.  So it seems that Americans are destined to have to vote for a President who few people like with their choice being someone who has done her best to discredit women or someone who has elevated women into positions of leadership within his multi-billion dollar company.

There is a media feeding frenzy regarding this Clinton video, and Hillary is panicking.  Why?  Because she doesn't want women who may not remember Bill's indiscretions, to be reminded of how she and Bill humiliated and ridiculed these women who were victimized by Bill.  The media will do their best to protect Hillary and Bill because they are part of the "Hollywood" scene.  But Trump supporters will do their best to send Hillary a message - "you're fired!"

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